What joints need

Every now and then, review is valuable. Today we’re going back to basics and reminding ourselves at what our joints need from head to toe. Highlighted are the exercises that may be new and definitely pack a punch in terms of better function.

  1. Ankles = Mobility. Foot in band, single leg releve on yoga block, footwork on Reformer.
  2. Single Leg Calf Raise on Yoga BlockKnees = Stability. Supine leg raise in turnout; single leg releve on yoga block.
  3. Hips = Mobility. Supine hip circle, standing figure 8’s with legs abducted, lunge position with spine and pelvic rotation, feet in straps series on Reformer or Springboard.

What Joints Need-s-0517 Forward rocking exercise for Multifidus


  1. Lumbar Spine = Stability. Forward foot rock for multifidus, side bridge, quadruped arm leg reach, neutral bridge, hip fold series on roller, anything on sit fit trying to stay stable, and anything where you try to maintain a neutral pelvis and lumbar spine!
  1. Thoracic Spine = Mobility. Supine thoracic rotation, kneeling or standing thoracic flexion, extension, rotation, side bending, lying supine over a weighted ball placed between the blades – do minuscule t-spine extension as if lifting away from the ball, and do minuscule scapular retraction to activate mid-traps. 
  1. Shoulders/Shoulder Girdle = Mobility and Stability. Rotator cuff strengthening exercises: hitch hiker, pulling a sword, side lying with a weight, prone shoulder extension, pulling straps, t-press, prone robot arms, prone v-arms, thread the needle on the Reformer, push thru arms on caddy, push thru arms on Reformer.
  2. Head nod exercise to mobilize c-spineHead nod exercise for c-spineCervical Spine = Stability. Nods first to mobilize C1 and C2, then eye movements, prone head hovers, quadruped with sit fit or weighted ball on back of head.

Please note, this is not a complete list by any means. If you have other exercises for any of these areas that you love, please share them in the comments below!

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