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Come Train with us in Bali, Indonesia


Rehab Intensive, Bali

3-Part Rehab Series

Spine: Jan 8–9
Shoulder Complex: Jan 10–11
Hip and Knee: Jan 12–13

Mighty Psoas: Jan 14

Sacroiliac Joint: Jan 15

Course hours are 9–4pm each day.

Tuition: Full Week

Early Bird: $1,700 USD

• Reg: $2,000 USD (As of Aug 31)

Tuition: Individual Courses

• 3-Part Rehab Series: $1,250 USD

• Single Rehab Course: $420 USD

• Mighty Psoas: $210 USD

• Sacroiliac Joint: $210 USD

To register

Contact Victoria Goncharenko, Program Coordinator

For Bali info–Movement Matters Studio

Contact Sook Fun, Owner