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Pilates Level 1: Mat

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Take the first step towards becoming a great Pilates teacher

Pilates Level 1: Mat lays the groundwork for our Pilates Comprehensive Track. Over four modules, you learn the roots of Pilates, key human movement principles and how to teach 75 mat exercises—from the Body Harmonics Foundations to the advanced Pilates Classical repertoire. Included are our cueing formula™  and progressive sequencing™—methodologies that assist with creating Pilates mat sequences and classes that are accessible, adaptable and challenging. Take the first step in your Pilates and movement career by learning to teach Pilates mat exercises with skill and confidence in a caring and supportive environment.

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You will learn

• Complete Pilates mat repertoire
• Our unique cueing formula™ and progressive sequencing™
• Versatile class design practices
• Core stabilization systems
• Mechanics of the spine, hips and the shoulder complex

You will be able to

• Teach group classes on the mat
• Work with healthy populations with minor movement impairments


Bundle — Best Value! SAVE $755
All 3 levels: $9,000

Individual Pricing
Level 1 Mat: $2,760
Level 2 Reformer: $3,415
Level 3 CCSB: $3,500

All prices include tuition, exams and materials

Added value

Level 1: $740 added value*
• 20 mat and 10 machine classes for self-practice + 6 Con Ed hours FREE
Level 2: $1,750 added value*
• 50 mat and 50 machine classes for self-practice FREE
Level 3: $1,750 added value*
• 50 mat and 50 machine classes for self-practice FREE


*Available at BH Toronto

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