Pilates Certification

Pilates Certification

Divided in three levels, Body Harmonics Pilates Comprehensive Track was designed by experts in adult education, exercise science and the Pilates Method.

Each of the three levels comprises lectures, practice, experiential labs, observation, analysis and reflection—all imbued with a whole-person focus.

Pre-Requisite: Anatomy for Motion

Steps towards your Comprehensive certification

Anatomy for Motion

Anatomy for Motion is the pre-requisite for our Pilates Comprehensive Track program.

In this course, you will learn how the human body is built and how movement is produced biomechanically head to toe. A combination of lecture, observation and practice helps you synthesize key concepts about the structure of the human body and the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

What you learn here lays the groundwork for accurate neuromuscular recruitment, joint mobility and core control, and provides you with rich visuals of the body’s structure.

Level 1: Mat

Steps towards your Comprehensive certification

Pilates Level 1: Mat

Pilates Level 1: Mat is the first step on your journey to becoming a comprehensively trained Body Harmonics Pilates teacher. It will enable you to make a positive impact on healthy people with basic movement challenges.

Pilates Level 1: Mat is a full Pilates mat certification training, where you learn the roots of the Pilates Method, key human movement principles, 75 mat exercises and how to teach them—from the Body Harmonics Foundations to the advanced Pilates Classical repertoire, fool-proof cueing, class design and how to sequence exercises to ensure your teaching is accessible and relevant for any level.

You graduate as a Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Mat Teacher, equipped to design and deliver Pilates mat classes that are accessible, adaptable and challenging.

Level 2: Reformer

Steps towards your Comprehensive certification

Pilates Level 2: Reformer

Pilates Level 2: Reformer is the next step after you graduate from Pilates Level 1: Mat.

Pilates Level 2: Reformer is a full Pilates reformer certification, where postural and functional assessments serve as the backdrop to more than 150 exercises and modifications, performed on the Pilates reformer machine. Self-practice and practice teaching requirements increase at this level, so you have ample opportunity to refine your teaching, observation, and client care skills.

You graduate as a Body Harmonics Certified Reformer Teacher with the ability to teach functional, safe and challenging reformer group classes for any level and one-on-one sessions for a variety of clients, both healthy or living with movement impairments or pain syndromes.

Level 3: CCSB

Steps towards your Comprehensive certification

Pilates Level 3: CCSB

Pilates Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard Barrels (CCSB) is the last and most advanced level of our Pilates Comprehensive Track.

The training provides you with the skills necessary to teach expert one-on-one sessions and group classes. Equipped with understanding of advanced movement concepts, you learn how to determine the best course of action based on your clients’ needs—from rehab to athletic fine-tuning—using the Cadillac, chair, springboard and barrels.

You graduate as a Body Harmonics Certified Comprehensive Teacher with the ability to conduct one-on-one sessions and group classes with high level of versatility, use Clinical Pilates and movement protocols, work with refined class design practices, apply advanced movement concepts in your practice.

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