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Become the best Pilates teacher and movement professional you can be!

Our Body Harmonics Pilates Teacher Training Comprehensive Track is a three-step program that leads to certification as a Body Harmonics Pilates teacher. It includes Level 1: Mat, Level 2: Reformer, and Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard and Barrels (CCSB).

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Why become a Pilates teacher

Find employment anywhere
Work with people of all ages and physical abilities
Qualify for Apprenticeship opportunities at Body Harmonics
Prepare for the PMA exam


Bundle — Best Value! SAVE $755
All 3 levels: $9,000

Individual Pricing
Level 1: $2,760
Level 2: $3,415
Level 3: $3,500

All prices include tuition, exams and materials

Added value

Level 1: $740 added value*
• 20 mat and 10 machine classes for self-practice + 6 Con Ed hours FREE
Level 2: $1,750 added value*
• 50 mat and 50 machine classes for self-practice FREE
Level 3: $1,750 added value*
• 50 mat and 50 machine classes for self-practice FREE


*Available at BH Toronto

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