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Pilates Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard Barrels

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Become a Pilates Comprehensive teacher and movement educator

Pilates Level 3: CCSB is the final level in the Body Harmonics Pilates Comprehensive Track. It builds on functional movement and the anatomical relationships in the lumbopelvic complex, the four regions of the spine, and the shoulder complex. You learn how how to determine the best course of action based on your clients’ needs—from post-rehab clients to those looking for athletic fine-tuning—using the cadillac, chair, springboard and barrels. Case studies are used to aid in identifying movement issues, determine best practices for addressing them and to assess learning. When you graduate from this illuminating and supportive program you are well-equipped to use all types of Pilates equipment and advanced movement concepts to teach expert one-on-one sessions and group classes.

Next steps after Level 3: CCSB…

You will learn

• Complete Pilates repertoire for cadillac, chair, springboard and barrels
• Exercise modifications and variations for all levels
• Advanced clinical Pilates & movement protocols
• Refined class design practices
• Practical applications for functional anatomy

You will be able to

• Teach group equipment classes
• Conduct equipment one-on-one sessions
• Manage injuries
• Help with athletic conditioning and fine-tuning


Bundle — Best Value! SAVE $755
All 3 levels: $9,000

Individual Pricing
Level 1: $2,760
Level 2: $3,415
Level 3: $3,500

All prices include tuition, exams and materials

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