Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist

Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist

Our Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist program is designed to teach you how to approach movement issues by paying attention to and supporting the functions that are working well, while addressing various physical impairments.

Central to this program are assessment techniques and rehabilitative exercise protocols to create optimal movement and support in and around the area of concern, as well as throughout the whole body.

The program requirements consist of 12 courses from our Continuing Education curriculum deemed as essential if your goal is to specialize in rehabilitative exercise.

This is an advanced program tailored to movement professionals with 3+ years of experience in the field. You must also complete the Essential Biomechanics Specialist certificate prior.

Required courses

Balance Systems and Vestibular Integration
Build a Strong and Supple Spine
Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols
Core Integrity
Foot and Ankle: The Body's Spring System
Gait Analysis
Hip Replacements
How to Help the Hypermobile Body
Post-Rehab Protocols: Hip and Knee
Post-Rehab Protocols: Shoulder
Post-Rehab Protocols: Spine
Postural Analysis Foundations
Power and Balance for Hip and Knee
Pre- and Post-Rehab Solutions for Knee Replacements and ACL Reconstruction
Rehabilitative Exercise: Principles and Application
Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical, Functional Link
Simplifying the Shoulder Complex
Upper Cervical Spine
Working with Scoliosis
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