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Post-Rehab Diploma

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Specialize in Post-Rehabilitation

The Body Harmonics Post-Rehab Multidisciplinary diploma program focuses on restoring optimal movement for improved function. We approach movement issues by teaching you to pay attention to and support the functions that are working well while addressing any physical impairments. Central to this program are assessment skills related to multiple movement impairments and conditions, as well as protocols to create ease of movement and functional support in the body from head to toe.

Post-Rehab Multidisciplinary diploma program (125 hours)

If you are a professional who wants to serve post-rehab clients with a systematic approach to movement impairments that considers all aspects of the neuro-fascial-musculoskeletal system, this diploma program is for you.

Please review the program requirements below. We recommend that you complete compulsory courses in the logical order listed. Elective courses are listed alphabetically and by level. For dates, fees and to register, check out our searchable schedule that follows.

No previous Pilates experience is required.


The timeframe to complete this diploma program varies according to your needs and goals.


When you successfully complete all the necessary requirements, you receive a diploma that acknowledges completion of the Post-Rehab Multidisciplinary diploma program.

Program fees

Fees vary depending upon course duration and location. Please see our schedule for details.

Step 1

Compulsory courses

84 hours total

We recommend taking
these first

Step 2

Choose a variety of elective courses

41 hours total



Balance Apparatus  6 hours
Pain 101  3 hours
Resistance Apparatus  6 hours
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