Motor Control Specialist

Motor Control Specialist

Our Motor Control Specialist certificate program is designed to educate you on how movement works from a neurological perspective.

It provides a solid base of knowledge on neurophysiology and the principles of motor learning and neuroplasticity as they apply to a person with a healthy nervous system and those living with neurological conditions.

When the brain changes, the execution and perception of movement changes. An understanding of how the brain coordinates and executes movements, as well as how the nervous system learns and reorganizes itself helps people make the changes they need to feel integrated and move with ease.

The program requirements consist of eight courses from our Continuing Education curriculum. Those courses will enable you to design exercise programs that better access the nervous system for improved motor control and awareness.

This is an advanced program tailored to movement professionals with 3+ years of experience in the field. You must also complete the Essential Biomechanics Specialist certificate prior.

Required courses

Balance Systems and Vestibular Integration
Build a Strong and Supple Spine
Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols
Core Integrity
Foot and Ankle: The Body's Spring System
Gait Analysis
Postural Analysis Foundations
Power and Balance for Hip and Knee
Simplifying the Shoulder Complex
The Motor Systems
The Sensory Systems and Their Role in Motor Control
The Somatic Nervous System and the Sensory Receptors
Working with Multiple Sclerosis
Working with Parkinson's Disease
Working with Spinal Cord Injuries
Working With Stroke
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