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Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics Diploma

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Specialize in Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics

The Body Harmonics Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics Multidisciplinary diploma program focuses on how to apply concepts of functional anatomy to a broad range of client scenarios. We cover how all major joints function on their own and as part of the entire neuro-myo-fascial system of the body. Observation and assessment techniques for movement patterns throughout the body are also covered. When you complete this program, you are equipped to identify movement issues and make educated exercise choices that result in positive and lasting changes for your clients.

Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics Multidisciplinary diploma program (125 hours)

If you are a professional who wants in-depth knowledge of movement function and practical application of concepts in the real world, this diploma program is for you.

Please review the program requirements below. We recommend that you complete compulsory courses in the logical order listed. Elective courses are listed alphabetically and by level. For dates, fees and to register, check out our schedule.

No previous Pilates experience is required.


The timeframe to complete this diploma program varies according to your needs and goals.


When you successfully complete all the necessary requirements, you receive a diploma that acknowledges completion of the Post-Rehab Multidisciplinary diploma program.

Program fees

Fees vary depending upon course duration and location. Please our schedule for details.

We recommend taking
these first

Step 2

Choose a variety of elective courses

58 hours total



Balance Apparatus  6 hours
Mapping Your Muscles  6 hours
Pain 101  3 hours
Resistance Apparatus  6 hours


Breathing Mechanics and Protocols  6 hours
Ethical and Conscious Touch  3 hours
Neurophysiology 101  12 hours
Upper Cervical Spine  3 hours
Vertical Repertoire  12 hours
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