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Continuing Education Courses

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Deepen your knowledge | Sharpen your expertise

Body Harmonics Continuing Education courses expand your knowledge, your skills and your horizons—with hands-on learning that’s current, relevant and immediately applicable.

The content in our Continuing Education courses is designed to deepen your knowledge of human movement and increase your skill set so that you may apply it to teaching both in-person and online.

Course selection

Body Harmonics Continuing Education evolves constantly. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities for all types of learners in a variety of settings. We have organized our course offerings by category for easy navigation and searchability. Occasionally, courses are listed under multiple categories due to its content. When you browse a category and find a course you are interested in, click on the title and course description with learning objectives pops up.

Pain Syndromes & Conditions

Zero in on a variety of conditions of the neuro-skeletal-muscular system.

Anatomy & Movement

Deepen your understanding of how human movement works head to toe.

Exercise & Apparatus

Learn through doing, sensing and feeling.

Specialty & Sports Populations

Deepen your knowledge on the needs of a particular group or sport.

How to Build a Thriving Practice

Learn key elements to develop your professional practice.

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