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Welcome to Our Global Pilates and Movement Education Programs. Your journey begins here!


Our mission is to prepare students to become expert Pilates and movement professionals for people of all ages and abilities.


Our vision is to be a global leader in evidence-based, somatic-informed education for Pilates and applied kinesiology.


We are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment for knowledge acquisition and critical reasoning, and the development of technical expertise.

How we develop our curriculum

Instructional content and design is led by experts in adult education, exercise science and the Pilates method. Students learn a whole-person approach to building programs for mat, reformer and springboard with focus on building strength and awareness.

Our faculty and what we stand for

Our faculty is diverse with comprehensive knowledge and experience in Pilates and applied kinesiology, strength training, motor learning and somatics. They share relevant clinical experience and provide tailored mentoring so students are ready for the real world.

Learning Outcomes

With Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Education you can expect to learn how to:

  • Build strong, resilient bodies based on biomechanics, neurophysiology and functional outcomes
  • Analyze and observe human movement and potential
  • Help people manage and overcome chronic movement impairments and pain syndromes
  • Consider the whole person in every interaction
  • Connect deeply with clients—their needs, abilities, potential and limits
  • Reflect on progress, setbacks and plateaus to determine next steps
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