Advanced Biomechanics Specialist

Advanced Biomechanics Specialist

Advanced Biomechanics Specialist

Our Advanced Biomechanics Specialist program enables you to create customized one-on-one and group classes with a layered understanding of human movement potential. You learn to unlock optimal movement function in the neuro-myofascial-skeletal system. The goal is to create comfort and lightness in the body so people move with ease and power.

There are five courses in this program with the Essential Biomechanics Specialist as the prerequisite. Deepen your knowledge of human biomechanics, expand assessment skills and learn proven protocols to optimize movement function regardless of age, ability, or limitations.

This is an advanced program tailored to movement professionals with 3+ years of experience in the field.

Where to complete the required courses

Courses are delivered in-person and virtually throughout the year at Body Harmonics Toronto and at our global Education Partner Centres.  Scroll down to view the required courses.


How to register

Click on the course titles for more information and to register.

Required courses

Breathing Mechanics and Protocols
Build a Strong and Supple Spine
Cervical Spine Mechanics and Protocols
Core Integrity
Foot and Ankle: The Body's Spring System
Gait Analysis
Myofascial Lines of Movement
Postural Analysis Foundations
Postural Analysis – Advanced
Power and Balance for Hip and Knee
Sacroiliac Joint: The Critical, Functional Link
Simplifying the Shoulder Complex
Unlock the Mighty and Mysterious Psoas
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