Tanya Del Sole


Pilates offers people a chance at optimal movement, the freedom to play and the strength to challenge the limits of our bodies. Facing limitations, understanding them, and constructing solutions to navigate these challenges is part of the Body Harmonics approach to developing a body that moves efficiently. I see the time spent working with people as a rare gift to nurture each individual’s connection with themselves. I’m honoured to offer guidance and tutelage to any and all interested in embarking on a journey to know more about their bodies. Body Harmonics has created an environment that encourages curiosity and nurtures growth. I believe them to be trailblazers in the movement community and am proud to be a part of this ecosystem.

Pilates & Movement Credentials

– Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Comprehensive Teacher
– Body Harmonics Essential Biomechanics Specialist
– Body Harmonics Advanced Biomechanics Specialist
– Body Harmonics Active Aging Specialist
– Body Harmonics Pre-Post Natal Conditioning Specialist
– Body Harmonics Core Control and Systems Specialist
– ELDOA Student Practitioner

Academic Credentials

– BA (specialized honours)

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