Stephanie Huska


I entered into Pilates after suffering injury and surgeries, I endured a good portion of my life with neck and spine issues and chronic migraines. I know firsthand how debilitating pain can be on the body and mind. Through my own personal journey to heal and repair, I have literally transformed my life and I learned how to manage and drastically reduce pain. This incredible journey has driven a passion within me to share with others the magic of Pilates and movement.

I want my clients to feel supported, encouraged and hopeful. Body Harmonics offers a top tier education and development program so as teachers we can continue to nurture our client’s individual needs, with a tailored approach. It is completely gratifying to work in such a unique and positive environment. My colleagues, teachers and mentors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity and I am inspired by my colleagues and clients every day.

Pilates & Movement Credentials

– Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Teacher
– Body Harmonics Essential Biomechanics Specialist


– English
– French

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