Ivana Zaniolo


With a decade of experience in Pilates and a background in rehabilitation science, I found my passion in the movement space. At the heart of my approach is the belief that every person, whether teacher or client, has a potential to learn, grow and experience movement in an ever-evolving way.  The learning never stops! It’s sharing the wins, challenges, setbacks and leaps forward, as someone discovers what they are capable of, that keeps me inspired every day.

Body Harmonics’ dedication to excellence in education provides an ideal setting to nurture this growth. To see others deepen their understanding of human movement and get those “light bulb” moments amid complex concepts is both exciting and awe-inspiring.  It is an honour and a joy to be a part of the environment where science, curiosity and creativity collide to provide an exceptional learning experience.

Academic Credentials

– BAHSc.(Athletic Therapy)

Pilates & Movement Credentials

– Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Comprehensive Teacher
– Pilates for Neuro Advanced Techniques (Level 2)

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