Gwyn Mackenzie


It’s a pleasure to work with people and have the opportunity to create meaningful and ongoing relationships. It genuinely excites me to see change and progress over time and to be able to rejoice with the client in how far they’ve come. Being able to help with positive change in a person’s life, and to be a supportive, safe presence to return to is what drives me.

I love Body Harmonics for its emphasis on accepting and meeting the body where it’s at, and the idea that movement isn’t just invigorating for the body, but for the body-mind connection. It’s amazing to work at a place that approaches Pilates as not just great for exercise, pain relief, and strength-building, but also as a benefit for mood, self-confidence and integration of all our internal systems for a healthier, happier life.

Pilates & Movement Credentials

– Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Comprehensive Teacher

Academic Credentials

– BFA in Dance Performance

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