Caitlin Bovee


Seeing clients achieve their movement goals, big or small, is extremely gratifying. It’s inspiring to witness and be a part of their dedication and persistence, and an honour to be part of their journey. At Body Harmonics we’re taught to think methodically, to accept the person in front of us and to build on their strengths. This approach leads to our clients feeling encouraged and successful every step of the way.

Pilates & Movement Credentials

– PhysicalMind Institute Pilates diploma
– Body Harmonics Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics Specialist
– Body Harmonics Post-Rehab Specialist
– Body Harmonics Diverse Populations Specialist

Additional Professional Credentials

– ACE Fitness Personal Trainer


Director of Pilates in Guelph Studio and Body Harmonics Education Partner in Guelph, Ontario

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