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Body Harmonics is just like any other studio. We have teachers who have been here for more than 10 years, and teachers who have been here less than 10 weeks! No matter where you are in your career, at one point or another you’ve probably struggled with confidence; whether you were the new hire, starting a new career, moving to a new city, or in that first session with a difficult client.

For me it was taking over classes from a well-loved colleague with a very different style. It felt like the clients could not have been more displeased… when really it was only my own insecurity that was preventing me from seeing what a welcome change it really was for them. Now those clients who I was convinced hated me tell me that they hope I never change my schedule or pass them off to anyone else! Your story will be different, but we have all been there at one point or another.

This article names some of those areas where we tend to loose our confidence, and aims to provide you with strategies to prevent it from happening. Use the tools below to help you build your confidence and ensure that you can find new clients with ease, keep them coming back, and continue to attract people who see the value in what you do!

Why Confidence Matters

Because you should love your job! A lack of confidence can make you dread going in to work. Don’t let that be you!

Because when you radiate confidence, you’ll emit a positive energy that will attract and excite your clients.

Because confidence will build trust and help you establish a relationship with your client.

Because your confidence will make the people you work with feel reassured and cared for. It will help you make well-informed choices of what to do with them, which ultimately will give them the results they want to see. When clients can sense that you are confident and they are in good hands, you will never loose them!

Three Simple Steps For Teaching With Confidence

How do you want to feel?

This is a question we ask a lot at Body Harmonics. We ask our clients how they want to feel when they leave our classes and sessions. We also ask ourselves how we want to feel when we’re teaching. It’s not simply about doing a bunch of exercises; it’s about getting a result. Asking this question will give you the amazing results you’re looking for with your clients and help direct you along the way.

Gain confidence by getting clear on how you want to feel

  • Set a positive intention for your client or your class.
  • Take 5 minutes before your session to get clear on how you want to feel for the next hour.
  • Then think about how you want your client or class participants to leave the hour feeling.
  • This will shine through and help establish trust and positive outcomes, especially with new people

Know your stuff!

At Body Harmonics we go beyond the exercises. We try to figure out what’s best for each individual client in order to meet their needs. This means understanding biomechanics, posture types, and the full scope of a client’s issue or injury. It’s also about more than that. It’s about listening to their wants and needs and honing in on what makes the most sense for the individual. You don’t need to know everything to make a powerful impact on a client’s body and mind.

Feel the confidence that comes from making smart, well-informed choices

  • It’s important to do your homework and be prepared for each individual client.
  • Have a game plan laid out for the hour you spend together.
  • Preparing helps with confidence; it gives you the tools make smart and logical choices.
  • Go back to asking yourself how you want to make your client feel. Taller? Stronger? Looser? Calmer? Whatever it is, make informed choices that will help bring that person closer to that good feeling.

Take care of yourself!

We give so much of ourselves to others in this business. Our energy is so focused on making clients feel better that it can be easy to neglect the self! Don’t let think happen. You will break down or burn out and be left feeling like you can’t muster an ounce of confidence to save your life!

Find inner confidence by caring for your own needs too

  • Make sure you are well rested before a long day.
  • Eat well! Ensure you have breaks where you can re-hydrate and refuel.
  • Give yourself at least 5 minutes between clients to reset your space and mentally prepare yourself!
  • If you are mentally and physically sharp, you will be more present with your clients and more able to make smart informed choices that will lead to their success!

Go forth and be confident! With an arsenal of tips and reminders at your fingertips check yourself the next time you feel you are losing confidence and see where you need to build yourself up. Do you need to take a minute and get clear on how you want to feel or make your client feel? Do you need to review your knowledge and carve out more prep time? Do you need take a break? Or get an extra hour of sleep before a long day? Whatever it is or whatever you’re feeling, you aren’t alone, and now you’ve got tips to get you through it!

Share your success story

Share a success story about a time you and a client, or a class felt great! What were your steps to ensure your confidence and what was the reaction of your participants?


LucieLucie trained as a dancer before becoming a Pilates instructor, and it was her love of movement and the need for strength and alignment in her own body that led her to Pilates and then to teaching. She now works full time at Body Harmonics. Check out her schedule to take a class with her!



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