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Reformer & Springboard Class Types

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Core Reformer


Building on the key Pilates principles of core control, fluid motion and coordination, Core Reformer is an excellent option for beginners or those interested in delving deep into the fundamentals of optimal movement. It’s a balanced workout that really starts to challenge how you use your core in relation to the resistance provided by the reformer machine. You’ll leave feeling a sense of body awareness and control.

Springboard Intense


An intermediate to advanced class that challenges every part of your body so you build strength, flexibility and balance. The spring resistance you work with is deceivingly strong and requires good core control and limb strength, particularly in the hips and shoulders. A great full body workout!

Reformer Body Sculpt


This intermediate-advanced resistance training class incorporates a variety of apparatus from week to week. It’s designed to challenge your mind and body as you master new moves and bring to life muscles you never knew you had. You’ll feel super strong and capable after this tough yet energizing Pilates & Movement class.

Springboard Sculpt


A demanding and advanced class that puts your whole body to the test! At this level every exercise is full-body and lots of experience on mat and reformer gets you the most out of the class. High-level balance training and integration between refined movement and correct muscle
recruitment are the focus.

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