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More than 30 classes per week!

Wake Up Your Core – 60 minutes

Beginner Pilates Mat

This basic level mat class packs a punch for your Pilates “powerhouse” aka you midriff in lay terms. Targeted exercises help you gain control, strength, power and flexibility. You will see and feel your “core” get stronger each week and gain a renewed sensation of support in your legs and arms. –

Upper Body Tone & Resistance – 45 minutes

Intermediate Pilates Mat

The upper body is a moving system unto itself and depends on a strong base of support in the lower body and torso. If your base is fairly strong and you are looking to add specific strength and conditioning for your upper body, this 30-minute option is for you! Each class will incorporate light hand weights (2-5 lbs) and target muscle groups in the upper torso, shoulders, and arms. Don’t have hand weights? No problem! You can improvise with anything that you can easily hold in your hands. Otherwise, you are welcome to purchase 2-4 lb weighted balls from our Body Harmonics Boutique. Email [email protected].

NOTE: If you are challenged with tension or discomfort in your neck and shoulders, please also attend Tech Neck: Relief for Neck and Shoulders. This class builds support and restores function, and is an important first step before a full class of resistance training for the upper body.

Full Body Flow – 60 minutes

Intermediate Pilates Mat

At a solid intermediate level, Pilates exercises in this class are more complex than at the beginner level, balance is challenged in a range of positions and endurance is emphasized. While your midriff is always centre stage, full-body exercises are woven throughout each class.

Abs, Hips & Thighs – 60 minutes

Intermediate Pilates Mat

Get ready to feel every inch of your midriff, hips and legs from every angle and every direction. This intermediate class based on mat and vertical Pilates will sculpt, reshape and contour your waistline, hips and thighs like never before. The secret lies in working these areas as an integrated system where each part affects the other.

Standing Body Flow – 30 minutes

Intermediate Pilates Mat

Get energized and aligned with 30-minutes of weight-bearing exercises that build overall strength and a healthy heart! This class is based on the Pilates vertical repertoire and movement principles so you build strength, agility and balance while challenging your cardiovascular system. Plan to sweat a bit, have some fun and gain a sense of accomplishment in just 30 minutes.

Get Strong & Sweat – 60 minutes

Intermediate-Advanced Pilates Mat

This class will help you build strength and agility while navigating the gravity field. A combination of traditional strength moves for the lower body, balance exercises, and sequences to integrate the entire body, gets your heart rate up and your entire system pumping with energy in this contemporary Pilates class.

Power & Flow – 60 minutes

Advanced Pilates Mat

Control, power and endurance! In this advanced Pilates & Movement class, you put it all together so it’s all systems on, every minute. This Pilates workout is streamlined, muscles are fatigued systematically with a continuous flow from one movement to the next.

Stretch Your Muscles, Release Your Fascia – 60 minutes

Specialty Pilates Mat

If you like that stretched out, lengthened feel in the body, this Pilates & Movement class is for you. Muscles and fascia are interwoven and layered through the body, so the approach we take is to consider each layer to create length and springiness in the body. Controlled movement and taking time with each sequence leads to sensations of release and stretch.

ELDOA – 60 minutes

Specialty Pilates Mat

ELDOA-the perfect complement to your Pilates classes. It’s for everyone! ELDOA is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening movement technique developed by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. ELDOA strengthens and normalizes function of the connective tissue along the entire spine, reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs and increases blood flow. This class is contraindicated for pre-natal clients, and clients with disc injuries. Please contact the front desk for inquiries of this nature.

Tech Neck & Shoulder Relief – 60 minutes

Restorative Pilates Mat

This Pilates class is for you if your neck and shoulders pay the price of spending hours on a screen. The pace is slow and methodical (even meditative) as we wind through the layers of joints and muscles to minimize tension and create deep support. Because this area of the body can be tight, sore, and stiff, we move slowly so there is time to execute the movements with as much precision as possible.

Restorative & Safe for All – 60 minutes

Restorative Pilates Mat

This restorative class builds the basics that keep our backs strong and free of chronic pain and tension. If you have even a slight history of lower back issues, this class will transform your core and set you up for continued success. It will help you build strength, gain flexibility and have pain-free movement. This is the same type of class as Core Essentials on our regular Pilates Studios class schedule

Intense Reformer – 60 minutes

Intermediate (Specialty Series)

Miss going to reformer classes? Get ready to feel every inch of your midriff, hips and legs from every angle and every direction. This 2x per week specialty series class on the reformer will sculpt, reshape and contour your waistline, hips and thighs like never before. The secret lies in working these areas as an integrated system where each part affects the other.

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