Shoulder Remedy – Arm Arcs

Arm arcs are a quick, simple solution to help stiff shoulders. They can be done anywhere, any time by anyone! Arm arcs help posture by opening the chest, dropping the shoulders and making the head more upright. These exercises should feel effortless!

Sagittal Arm Arcs

Inhale: reach arms up to the ceiling and up by ears

Exhale: reach arms back up to the ceiling and down by hips

Lateral Arm Arcs

Inhale: arc arms out to sides and back by ears

Exhale: arc arms out to sides and back by hips

What to watch for

Make sure the base of the back ribs stay heavy in the mat. It will help the shoulder blades to move more freely.

Do this with…

… almost everyone!

If a client has a shoulder injury, do these exercises with caution. Decrease the range of motion or stop doing this exercise altogether.

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