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Stephanie Laughlin


There is a magic to the way that Pilates can recruit efficient muscle activation through discovering optimal alignment so you get the most out of every tilt, bend and twist you make with me in the studio which then translates into feeling your best with every step up the stairs, stride, jog or golf swing you make in the real world. Through Pilates and functional movement let me help you get there and together we can unlock your unique body’s infinite potential to move freely and feel lighter. Each of us is uniquely individual. What I think is truly special is that we are who we are in any moment, a culmination of history, cultural background and specific life experiences that have brought us to meeting each other at Body Harmonics and that is my favourite part of working with people. Having the opportunity to meet and interact with so many unique human beings.

Academic Credentials
– BA (Fine Arts in Dance)
– MA (Public Relations)

Pilates & Movement Credentials
– Body Harmonics Certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Teacher