Pilates known as an exercise form that really targets the core. To make our exercise routine most effective, we focus on the 9 Pilates principles. These include concentration, breathing, control, centre focus, fluidity, precision, imagination, intuition and integration.

In an ideal world, we’ll do each exercise with perfect form and implement all 9 principles at once. Some find this fascinating. Many get confused. Today I’d like you to lay these principles aside ad have some fun.

A couple years ago, we had our Body Harmonics holiday staff party in the summer. Since it was still a holiday party, we pulled out some santa hats and maintained our holiday theme.

Alex, one of our instructors (who’s also an actress) couldn’t resist pulling out some small apparatus and experimenting a bit. I hope the photos below brighten up your day and give you some inspiration for your classes. Please note, they were taken in complete fun and do not follow perfect form. You’ll have to extrapolate…..but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.


Silly Pilates 1-sSilly Pilates 2sSilly Pilates 3-s