Margot McKinnon (left) with Larisa Makuch

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—Body Harmonics Shoptalk is our gift to you. It’s where we share all that we’ve learned (and taught) over the past 20 years as leaders in Pilates, movement and health. Whether you’re a health and fitness professional or an avid fan, you’re sure to find something to sink your mind and body into. From instructional articles to inspirational videos, it’s all here, and it’s all FREE!

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Who’s Behind Shoptalk?

Margot McKinnon, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (Adult Education)
Body Harmonics Founder and Education Director

Margot founded Body Harmonics in 1998 with the vision of creating a centre for movement and health that is rich in learning, exploration and fun. Passionate about sharing the power of simple movements to unleash natural power, agility and grace, Margot’s knowledge of movement science runs deep. A professional adult educator and comprehensively trained and certified Pilates teacher, Margot’s focus is on making Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement safe, effective and accessible to all!

“Teaching people to move with ease and power is simply inspiring … miraculous in fact. I feel privileged to work in a field that’s endlessly fascinating and so naturally supportive to our health and wellbeing.”

A sought-after media personality and presenter, Margot shares her knowledge, experience and advice through her Studios, Health Clinics, Teacher Training Centresarticles, Shoptalk blog, Body Harmonics On Demand and Mondays With Margot on YouTube.

Larisa Makuch, B.A.
Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Teacher &  Teacher Trainer

Larisa is a comprehensively trained Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement teacher, specialist and teacher trainer. She co-created the Body Harmonics Shoptalk blog with Margot McKinnon in 2013 and is a regular contributor. Larisa draws on her diverse experiences in health, fitness and business, to create innovative teaching and business strategies, and articles. She has a background in business and entrepreneurship and has held several leadership positions with Toastmasters International and the DESNA Ukrainian Dance Company of Toronto.

“When I’m working with a client, I take the puzzle pieces and assemble them in a new way … What I love most are those ‘aha’ moments when people make discoveries that translate into freedom, joy and less pain. When applied to business, this means increased confidence, clarity and financial success.”