Couples who work out together, stay together: get ready for Valentine’s Day 2019!

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Posted on: November-11-2018
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TORONTO, November 1, 2018: You know what they say… couples who work out together, stay together! Take the leap and don’t be shy. Make your V-Day date a night of movement with a Body Harmonics Pilates class. Try Body Harmonics’ 45-minute Introductory Consultation for $65 to lead you through a clear path for you to get the most out of your practice. Brand new to the world of Pilates? Check out Body Harmonics’ crash course ($65) in everything machine-related with their handy 45-minute Machine Tutorial. Learn how to use Pilates machines straight from the experts who know them best. Ready to get started with classes? Offering a number of monthly passes, class bundles, and unlimited memberships — there is a package tailored just for you and your specific schedule! Afraid of commitment? Aren’t we all! Body Harmonics offers a drop-in rate of $25/per class.

Guided by their wholehearted Founder and Director of Education, Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., Body Harmonics has been at the forefront of helping people move well, teach well and be well since 1998. Through their Teaching Training Centres in Canada, US, UK, and Brazil, they’ve helped thousands of people transform their lives and careers for the better. At their Toronto Studios, Body Harmonics’ private training options and 125-plus Pilates & Movement mat and machine classes per week to choose from mean you’re in the best of hands. Beyond physical results, McKinnon wanted her business to reflect her belief belief in the importance of understanding the “how and why” of movement theory. Body Harmonics is known for taking complex concepts of movement theory and making them simple..

“When you move well, you feel great. My job is to help you embrace the process so it becomes part of your everyday,” says Body Harmonics Founder and Director of Education, Margot McKinnon. ​

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About Body Harmonics

Body Harmonics, founded by Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., has been at the forefront of helping people move well, teach well and be well since 1998. At its two Pilates & Movement Studios and Health Clinics in Toronto, at a growing number of Teacher Training Centres worldwide, and through its innovative and accessible online content, Body Harmonics has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better. bodyharmonics.com.

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