Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., MCPT

Founder and CEO, Body Harmonics

Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., NCPT, started Body Harmonics in 1998 with the vision of becoming a global leader in evidence-based, somatic-informed movement education for all. Her aim was to “teach the world to move in greater harmony”—a goal she remains committed to more than 20 years later.

With a master’s degree in adult education, as well as comprehensive certification in Pilates, biomechanics, somatic education, injury prevention and post-rehabilitative exercise, Margot is known as a movement innovator. While she credits the many luminaries with whom she has studied and worked over the years, Margot is a highly respected and accomplished leader in her own right, going above and beyond to help others grow on both a personal and professional level.

As the Founder and CEO of Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Studios and allied Health Clinics in Toronto, Margot is committed to helping clients to “move well and be well forever.” This commitment extends to Body Harmonics On Demand, a streaming video service she launched in 2018 to make the benefits of her Pilates & Movement method more accessible worldwide. Through the Education arm of her business, Margot is focused on helping others to “teach well.” She and her team of certified teacher trainers deliver Body Harmonics Education worldwide—both online and through affiliated centres on four continents. Known as the “teacher’s teacher,” Margot is the creator of the Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Comprehensive certification program, multiple Human Movement Specialist certificate programs, a full roster of Continuing Education courses, and a unique “360 degree” learner-centred approach to helping people thrive at every stage of their career. A sought-after presenter and lecturer, Margot has presented at multiple industry conferences and events. She has also produced and appeared in hundreds of instructional videos and authored dozens of publications focused on Pilates, human movement and wellbeing.




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