TORONTO, September 1, 2018: Lucid is proud to welcome back one of Toronto’s oldest Pilates institutions, Body Harmonics, back to the health and wellness team with Body Harmonics’ 20th anniversary just around the corner! With an exciting lineup of events and activities coming soon, Body Harmonics is eager to expand the family; sharing their core values of enthusiasm, encouragement, collaboration, respect and knowledge. Their mission is to help transform your life through the power of integrated movement and health. Body Harmonics is more than just a Pilates Studio. It’s a lifestyle and growing community.

Almost exactly 20 years ago, Body Harmonics opened its doors at the hands of Founder and Director of Education, Margot McKinnon. What started as a goal to create an environment that incorporated Pilates and movement into life’s regular scheduled programming, has since taken off as one of Toronto’s leading and longest-standing Pilates Studios. Guided by their wholehearted Founder, Body Harmonics has been at the forefront of helping people move well, teach well and be well since 1998. By leveraging her knowledge of the science of movement, McKinnon created an experience that is energizing, accessible, and engaging.

“When you move well, you feel great. My job is to help you embrace the process so it becomes part of your everyday,” says Body Harmonics Founder and Director of Education, Margot McKinnon.

Through their Teaching Training Centres in Canada, US, UK, and Brazil, they’ve helped thousands of people transform their lives and careers for the better. At their Toronto Studios, Body Harmonics’ private training options and 125-plus Pilates & Movement mat and equipment classes per week to choose from mean you’re in the best of hands. Beyond physical results, McKinnon wanted her business to reflect her belief belief in the importance of understanding the “how and why” of movement theory. Body Harmonics is known for taking complex concepts of movement theory and making them simple. Helping the public and aspiring Pilates professionals get the most from what Body Harmonics has to offer takes knowledge, patience, compassion and commitment. And often, the hardest part can be managing expectations. Thus, her intention has always been to make each individuals’ experience at Body Harmonics personally relevant and worthwhile.

Supporting organizations such as the Women’s College Hospital, Arthritis Society of Canada, Osteoporosis Society of Canada, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada; Body Harmonics is proud to be a socially conscious and responsible community of individuals. Check out the calendar of exciting Body Harmonics events and Body Harmonics-affiliated causes coming up soon below:

Key Dates

September—Arthritis Awareness Month (Canada)

Teacher Training Professional Development Workshop

Arthritis: The Modern Epidemic
Sat Sep 27, 1-7pm, EGLINTON Centre, $240
For movement and exercise professionals

October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Public Workshop

Beyond Breast Cancer
Fri Oct 26, 6-8pm, DUPONT Centre, $85
All welcome

November—Osteoporosis Month (Canada)

Public Workshop

Making Bones Strong as You Age
Wed Nov 28, 6-8pm, EGLINTON Centre, $85
All Welcome

Nov 16—BH 20th Anniversary Exposé

20 Years Strong – Join us for an evening of movement, health and celebration!

December/January – New Years Celebrations

Public Workshop

Make You the Priority
Start your year with a commitment to feel great! Join us for a taste of BH and find out how we can help you get to the best of you. Move well, de-stress, and start fresh!
Fri Jan 11, 6-8pm, DUPONT Centre, FREE
All welcome

Feb 21—International Day of Women’s Health

Public Workshop

Towards a Healthy Pelvic Floor – essential info and simple techniques for all
Thursday Feb 21, 6-8pm, EGLINTON Centre, $85
All welcome

Teacher Training Professional Development for Women’s Health Weekend

Towards a Healthy Pelvic Floor
Fri Feb 22, 5-8pm, EGLINTON Centre, $120

Movement and Exercises for Pregnancy
Sat Feb 23, 1-7pm, EGLINTON Centre, $240

Post-natal Abdominal Reconditioning for Diastasis Recti
Sun Feb 24, 1-4pm EGLINTON Centre, $120

March 8—International Women’s Day – TBD

Mar 28 to 31—Toronto Yoga Show

Founder and Director of Education Director, Margot McKinnon presents courses throughout the weekend. Open to exercise and movement teachers/professionals, and the public. See Yoga Conference 2019 website for details. Topics include: Breathing Mechanics and Protocols to Increase Capacity, Getting Rid of Neck Tension, Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, and Orthopedic health, SI Joint: The Critical, Functional Link, Foot and Ankle: The Body’s Spring System

May – Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Public Workshop

The Miracle of Movement for Managing MS
Fri May 3, 2-4pm, DUPONT Centre
$10 donation – all proceeds for the MS Society

May—Arthritis Awareness Month (US)

Take the leap and don’t be shy. Try Body Harmonics’ 45-minute Introductory Consultation for $45 to lead you through a clear path for you to get the most out of your practice. Brand new to the world of Pilates? Check out Body Harmonics’ crash course ($65) in everything machine-related with their handy 45-minute Machine Tutorial. Learn how to use a variety of machines straight from the experts who know it best. Ready to get started with classes? Offering a number of monthly passes, class bundles, and unlimited memberships — there is a package tailored just for you and your specific schedule! Afraid of commitment? Aren’t we all! Body Harmonics offers drop-in rates for all their classes!

About Body Harmonics

Body Harmonics, founded by Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., has been at the forefront of helping people move well, teach well and be well since 1998. At its two Pilates & Movement Studios and Health Clinics in Toronto, at a growing number of Teacher Training Centres worldwide, and through its innovative and accessible online content, Body Harmonics has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better.

Move well. Teach Well. Be Well.



For interview requests with Margot or any other trainer, high-resolution shots, or any related media inquiries for any of our clients, please contact:

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