About Body Harmonics —

Founded by: Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., Education Director, in 1988, Toronto, ON Canada

Areas of specialization: Pilates, movement, fitness, education, health and wellness

Emphasis: Move well. Teach well. Be well.

Staff: 60 teachers, clinicians, teacher training faculty and administrators

Website: bodyharmonics.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/BodyHarmonicsPilates

Twitter: twitter.com/BHPilates

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/body-harmonics-pilates

YouTube: youtube.com/user/BodyHarmonicsTV

Instagram: instagram.com/bodyharm_bodyharmonics/

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About Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Studios and Health Clinics

Number of facilities: 2 in Toronto

Number of teachers: 36

Number of classes weekly: more than 120 at both Studios

Other Studio services: one-on-one, semi-private and small group sessions; retail boutique; master classes

Number of health clinicians: 14

Number of therapies offered: 12

Number of clients who visit weekly: 1,200 and growing


About Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement Teacher Training

Number of faculty: 19

Number of trained teachers and specialists worldwide: 2,500 and growing


Comprehensive Pilates Track diploma programs, which meets the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) international standards for Pilates education, and includes:

  • Level 1: Pilates Mat Work program (120 hours)
  • Level 2: Reformer program (270 hours)
  • Level 3: Cadillac Chair Springboard & Barrels program (270 hours)

Pilates Bridge program:

  • Available to qualified Pilates teachers who want to transfer full or partial teaching credentials from another training institution

Specialist diploma programs, including:

  • Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics Specialist program (125 hours)
  • Post-Rehab Specialist program (125 hours)
  • Diverse Populations Specialist program (125 hours)

Coaching & Mentoring program:

  • Offers graduates a chance to get feedback and guidance on anything related to their practice or business

Continuing Education workshops offered:

  • 50-plus Continuing Education workshops ranging from Pain 101 to Mind-Body Exercises for Men


About Body Harmonics Online Learning

The Online Learning division of Body Harmonics produces a range of digital and printed content.

Available for free on Body Harmonics TV at youtube.com/user/BodyHarmonicsTV09 and via email subscription:

  • 100-plus short Mondays with Margot workout videos
  • 11 Postural Control workout videos

Available via pay-per-view or download at: bodyharmonics.ca/shop-learn:

  • 14 full-length Pilates & Movement workout videos
  • 13 instructional Body Harmonics Pilates manuals
  • 2 exercise guides (BH Magic Circle Exercises and BH Swivel Disk Exercises)
  • 2 e-books

Available for free at bodyharmonics.ca/blog and via email subscription:

  • More than 300 Shoptalk blog articles offering teaching tips, class plans, exercise sequences and inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts


About the Pilates Method

The Pilates method of exercise (known as “Pilates”) was developed by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) and stems from his belief in the Roman motto “Mens sana in corpore sano” or “a sound mind in a sound body.” The mind-body method consists of a broad repertoire of “classical” exercises performed on a mat or on specially designed machines, often done in a specific order. Traditionally, athletes and dancers were strong proponents of Pilates because it enhanced their performance, helped them prevent injury and produced greater control and precision. A visionary, ahead of his time, Joseph Pilates taught his students to move and exercise so body and mind worked together to create power, grace and symmetry.

About Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement

The Body Harmonics approach to Pilates and movement, known as Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement, respects the genius of Joseph Pilates but moves beyond his original teachings to make Pilates, movement and complementary health practices accessible and effective for everyone. The company’s whole-person, science-driven approach is designed to help people strengthen their core musculoskeletal system and get everything working optimally and in sync—so that they move well and feel well at every age and stage.

While Joseph Pilates’ original order for exercises has merit it may not suit the needs and goals of all individuals. Instead of subscribing to a predetermined, one-size fits all exercise prescription, Body Harmonics accredited teachers are encouraged to think outside the box and take a whole-person, individualized approach to developing Pilates & Movement programs and classes that deliver lasting changes—whether clients attend group classes or choose personalized training. They are also taught to employ unique Body Harmonics foundation exercises, progressive sequencing and a simple cueing formula to ensure the safest and most effective experience for participants.

Benefits of Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement

The benefits of Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement are far-reaching and unique to each person. Participants may feel a marked difference after one class or session, or it may take a few weeks. The key to remember is that small, incremental changes lead to transformation over time.

Core stability. Strengthening the body’s deep stabilizers improves alignment, prevents injury, relieves pain, enhances balance and facilitates optimal movement patterns.

A balanced body. Better posture, stronger muscles, and greater coordination, agility and mobility make it easier to do the things you love, longer.

Optimal body mechanics. When your body moves and functions as nature intended you’re more likely to sleep well, experience improved digestion and perform optimally.

Stress reduction. Regular mind-body activity and improved overall health help you deal more effectively with life’s stressors and alleviate or overcome stress-related illnesses.

Look as good as you feel. When you take a methodical approach to conditioning your whole body, you feel AND look great.

Pilates industry facts*

More than 8.5 million people participate in Pilates in the U.S.

More than 3.7 million people take over 50 Pilates classes a year

84% of Pilates participants are women

62% are between the ages of 25 and 54

51% have a household income of under USD$75,000 per year

55% have a college degree or higher

* 2015 Pilates Single Sports Participation Report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association


Body Harmonics locations

Flagship Location, Toronto

672 Dupont Ave, Suite 406
Toronto, ON  M6G 1Z6
Tel: 416. 537.0714

Midtown Location, Toronto

90 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 501
Toronto, ON M4R 2E4
Tel: 416.482.4884

Affiliated Body Harmonics Teacher Training Centres worldwide


Pilates in Guelph, Guelph, ON

Victoria Park, Montreal, QC

Pilates Vitalité, Gatineau, QC

Pacific Spirit Pilates, Vancouver, BC

Pony Locale, St. John’s, NL


Pilates by Corrine, Pittstown, NJ, USA

ReActive, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Light Centre Moorgate, London, UK

Spring Pilates & Wellness Studios, Brescia, Italy


Gestos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



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