Body Harmonics Launches “Desk Sitters” Video Exercise Series on YouTube to Help Relieve the Aches, Pains and Stress of Working From Home

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Posted on: January-01-2021
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TORONTO, January 11, 2021: Body Harmonics, one of Toronto’s favourite movement and health companies, today announced the launch of its “Desk Sitters” exercise video series. The free at-home-work-relief series includes 12 short exercise videos aimed at helping people to move their bodies, all while seated. The videos, which are also ideal for less mobile individuals, will be released twice a week on Monday and Thursday on the Body Harmonics YouTube channel.

When: Mondays and Thursday for 6 weeks
Where: Body Harmonics TV on YouTube
Desk Sitters Exercise Series
Episode #1: Improve Your Posture While Sitting at Desk

“For many, sitting at a desk is a reality of our careers, but just a little bit of movement throughout the day can profoundly help to keep those neck, shoulder and back pains at bay,” says Margot McKinnon, founder of Body Harmonics. “Science supports the incredible effects of movement—not only because of its physical benefits, but also because regular, mindful movement helps to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and increase productivity. I know how much of a positive impact even five minutes of movement can have on someone’s day and am thrilled that we can offer this video series to help people feel their best.”

With millions of Canadians continuing to work from home, the launch of Body Harmonics’ “Desk Sitters” video series comes at a time when aches, pains and anxiety are at an all-time high due to make-shift workstations at home, prolonged sitting and increased time spent looking at a computer screen. The seated exercise video series helps combat the negative effects of sitting without actually getting out of your chair, resulting in a positive difference in your posture, muscle tone, anxiety levels and energy. The streaming videos are also a great option for aging adults and those who may be less mobile or prone to balance issues.

In addition to its “Desk Sitters” series, the company continues to add video content to its popular Body Harmonics on Demand platform, which now includes more than 1,000 Pilates & Movement programs of varying lengths and intensity making it even easier to keep moving from the comfort of your own home.

About Body Harmonics

Body Harmonics, founded by Margot McKinnon, M.Ed., has been at the forefront of helping people move well, teach well and be well since 1998. Through its Toronto-based Pilates & Movement Studios, Health Clinics and internationally recognized Teacher Training programs, Body Harmonics has helped thousands of people transform their lives and careers through its unique whole-person approach to movement, health and wellbeing. Bodyharmonics.com

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