If you’ve ever heard me speak, listened to my interviews, watched my TV show, or read my magazine articles you’ll know that I am Mindset obsessed. I mean, it’s not a bad thing, after all it is the key to success in anything. This is what I coach women on all over the world and they reach new heights in all areas of life.

As a nutritionist I also believe that food fuels our bodies. It’s necessary to choose quality food just like if we were to choose quality gas for our vehicle. Unfortunately, many fuel their car with better fuel than their bodies. What you put in…..you get out. This is true for food as it is with the thoughts we think, the books we read and the leaders we follow and listen to. What do you want your body to do for you?

As leaders in our industry we are being watched. Our followers watch to see if we are in excellence, integrity, practicing what we preach, consistent in our teaching and walking as the leader they are choosing to follow.   For the most part this happens unconsciously but nonetheless it’s happening.

So what creates a great leader? Many things of course, but what I want to touch on is how you can fuel your mind with the food you eat, so you can be the best leader in your industry. Is it safe to assume that you want to be your best in and out of the studio? That you want to avoid the burn and crash between 2-4 pm? That you want to have energy throughout the entire day so you don’t crash in the evening?

The food you choose to eat will help you stay motivated, energized, focused, eliminate brain fog, positive, and clear in the decisions you make. Keeping it simple is what I’m about. Below is a list of simple tips you can incorporate daily from morning to night that will keep your mindset elevated which will give you the edge with everything you do.

  1. Balanced Breakfast – Always eat within 1 hour of waking. Always have a protein at every meal. A protein smoothie, hard-boiled egg, hummus or chicken wrap is easy and quick to bring with you. When you start your day with sugar and carb filled foods you will increase cravings, drowsiness and over eating later in day…and grumpiness along with poor motivation.
  2. Make sure you eat between 2-4 hours apart. Having too much of a span between your last meal will cause your blood sugar to dip which will leave you tired, craving, grumpy and foggy and you certainly will not be positive. Choose, foods with protein and fat to sustain you for longer. Seed and nut mixes, greek yogurt with berries, hummus and veggies and/or rice crackers are a few good options.
  3. Be prepared. We often end up not eating or at the drive through because we haven’t prepared the day before or the Sunday before. Make it easy for yourself when you’re on the go and prepare snack packs like veggies, fruit, trail mix so you have it with you and you don’t end up eating less desirable food.
  4. Brain booster foods are good to incorporate into your week. Adding a B complex that will help support your nervous system especially in times of stress. Dark leafy greens, whole grains, wheat germ and beans all contain B vitamins.
  5. Get your rest. For your mind, brain and body to work optimally it is imperative for you to get 8 hours of sleep a night or close to it. We are routine beings which means getting to bed before 11 pm allows your adrenals (stress glands) to function at their best. When they are functioning at their best it means it’s easier for your mind to stay positive, your body to work well and function for you.

Remember that the small simple steps that you take daily will lead to bigger and greater results. You may not see them immediately (or you just may) but whatever you are consistent at will deliver results. Ask yourself if what you’re choosing to think and eat will give you the results you’re seeking in a week, two and longer.


Kristen Owens (photo)Kristen is a mom of 3, TV Personality, Speaker and Coach. Kristen uncovers the deeper reasons why women entrepreneurs are stuck and connects the dots so you can stand in your power, get paid what you’re worth and make things happen in your life and biz. Connect with her at www.kristenowenscoaching.com

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