Pilates hip fold

No need to strain your neck with ab curls, use the Pilates hip fold to build your core in a safe way.

Check out Margot’s postural control video about the Pilates hip fold on the foam roller.



Key points to remember:

  • keep your abdominal wall pulled in whenever moving your leg
  • stay heavy through the back ribs and mid-spine (make sure they don’t lift as you lift your leg)
  • fold at the hip crease and knee joint so they each make a 90 degree angle
  • if the hip gets tight, draw the leg in a bit closer to your torso
  • you can do this on the floor if you don’t have a foam roller

To add challenge:

  • lift one or two hands off the floor to challenge balance
  • add small apparatus (i.e., hold hand weights or place something unstable under the feet)
  • use your own body (i.e., turn your head or close your eyes)

Answer this in the comment section below:

What are your favorite hip fold variations?

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