The Pilates teaser is one of the most recognized Pilates exercises. It’s challenging, fun and a great way to challenge your core control.

If you’ve ever had trouble doing a teaser, this class is designed to strengthen the body and prepare it to do this exercise successfully. It’s a very challenging exercise, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first time. Keep working on it!

I’ve added two 2-lb weighted balls to this class as an extra challenge. If you’d prefer do to the class without the balls, that’s ok too.



1 weighted ball under right toes, rock forward and back

+add sagittal arm arcs when rocking forward

Stand tall and roll ball under right foot (roll from heel to toe)

Switch sides

Keep balls on ground in front of body

Hip hinge

Squat with sagittal arm arcs (still standing)

Hold squat

+ add alternating arm sweeps with twist to side

+ add arm circles with twist to side

Standing flexion

Standing extension

Alternate between flexion/extension

Roll down to mat, come to hands and knees




Slide ribs left and right

Make circles with ribs

Glide hips forward and back

Waving cat w/ ball in right hand

Roll ball forward on floor w/ right hand and twist upper body left

Switch sides

Glide hips forward and back, stay back on feet, swing legs underneath body and come to lying down




+ thoracic rotation

Put one ball under each foot

Ab curl

+single leg slide

+single leg slide and oblique ab curl

+double leg slide

Sway knees and hips side to side

Put one ball between ankles and one between knees, arms at T

Hip sways w/ tabletop legs

Legs lower, ab curl and hold

+legs to table top and hold

+dangle feet, lift legs back to table top

Keep balls between legs


+glide hips side to side

+lower hips an inch and lift back up

+lift and lower heels

Hold balls in hands 


+hold, lateral arm arcs

+articulate down while arms stay up

Lateral arm arcs w/ balls in hands (like snow angels)

Chest press w/ balls in hands 

Legs to table top, arms over chest w/ one ball in each hand

+opposite arm and leg reach to 45degrees

+same side arm and leg reach to 45degrees

+both arms and legs reach to 45degrees

Sway knees and hips side to side

Keep balls in hands

Roll up to sit then come to tall kneeling



Balls in both hands

Chest expansion

Lateral arm arcs

Side bends

Salute (hands bent at forehead and straightening out to a 45 degree angle)

Side bends

Come down onto hands and knees



Right triceps press

+add opposite leg reach

Switch sides

Come down onto forearms with one ball between knees

Knee hover

+knees swing from side to side

Come down to lying on front



Hands under forehead

+hover head

+head and arm hover (hands glued to forehead)

+robot arms w/ head hover

+swan (with ball under each wrist)

+swan w/ rotation

Roll onto back, ball in each hand



Roll ups

1/2 roll back

+hold, sagittal arm arcs

+one leg to table top, second leg to tabletop

Roll ups




Arms at T, hip sway

+Legs stay over to right

+head turns side to side

Switch sides

Roll onto side, push up to sitting, then standing

Hip hinges

Roll up and downs