Tips on how to stay busy as a Pilates teacher

Have you ever been in the middle of the summer or peak holiday season and wondered where all your clients went? Less than a month ago, you may have been working 20+ hours/week, and now half your clients have disappeared to the cottage, on holidays and taking kids to camp. You are not alone!

As summer approaches, many clients’ schedules will change. This is inevitable. It’s something we need to accept and prepare for in advance.

I’ve asked 5 of Body Harmonics’ busiest instructors how they stay busy during the typically slow summer months year after year. They share some of their simple strategies that you can try with your clients right away to get booked and stay busy.

As I spoke with each of them, I noticed two things all of them had in common. First, they all loved their clients, really cared for them and had a great relationship with them. They want to make sure their clients are taken care of, and truly value and respect them.

Second, they are all proactive and take it upon themselves to make sure their schedule stays full. They don’t wait for someone to remind them to call a client or fill their time. They all take the initiative to go above and beyond.

Brittany: Send a quick email and start the planning process early

Before the summer season starts, I send out an email to all my clients. I let them know that I want to make sure they stay on track to achieving their fitness goals. I find out who will be away and for what duration. I then offer to schedule alternate times if needed.

This is a simple first step and a great way to start the communication process about summer schedules.

Nancy: Use your intention and pay attention

Nancy @ Body HarmonicsI pay a lot of attention to the relationship with my clients. I always show a lot of care. It goes beyond asking them about their kids and their haircuts. This means taking time to really listen and to deepen my connection with them. Respond to emails quickly and check in between sessions when appropriate.

For years now, I’ve set the intention that my schedule stays full all the time. As a result, my schedule is always full. On the flip side, if I feel like I need a lighter teaching week, my schedule also seems to lighten up. When you put the vibes out there, the universe will send what you ask for.

Deena: Sneak in sessions and contact your wait list

Deena @ Body Harmonics

It’s inevitable that some clients will have to change their schedule over the summer months. I expect this and when their schedule changes, I do whatever it takes to find a time that works for both of us. I tend to be more flexible during the summer months and they really appreciate it.

For those going away, we try to sneak an extra session in before they leave and as soon as they come back. Travel can take a toll on the body and they always feel better.

When times open up in my schedule, I offer sessions to those on my wait list. My wait list includes people from classes that want to see me when I have extra times open. Some of my private clients also like to come in for extra sessions.

Pamela: Check in with your MIA clients and offer personal feedback to class participants


When time frees up, I review my MIA (missing in action from the past 12-18 months) clients and I send them friendly “checking in” emails letting them know that I am interested in how they are doing. I invite them to come in for a session during the “relaxed summer months”.

Also, in classes, clients often approach me with questions about their body or a specific exercise. I give them quick feedback when possible, and then suggest that to get more information and to dig deeper into the issue they should book a private with me.

Georgia: Make sure they get their weekly session, be curious and fill every open spot


It’s important that each of my clients can get their weekly session no matter what. I make this a priority because I know it will help them feel stronger and better in their bodies. It’s important to point out how good they feel after they leave each session and as they come on a regular basis. When I make it a priority, they make it a priority not to miss a session.

Sometimes clients can’t make it during their regular time. If that’s the case, I bend over backwards to make sure they get at least one session in each week.

I am very curious about my clients and have great relationships with them so they want to come back week after week. Our sessions are so much fun and motivating for both of us!

If a spot does free up, I reach out to let me everyone know it’s open and ready to be filled. I send out notices by email, text, post it on social media and get on the phone to reach out.

I’ve been teaching for more than 10 years now and have a very full schedule. My classes and private clients know that if a spot opens up in my schedule, they should jump at it… and they often do!


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If you’ve started preparing your summer schedule,  what actions have you taken?


If you haven’t started preparing your summer schedule, start now. What actions will you commit to doing by the end of the week to get yourself set up? Write them below!

Author: Larisa Makuch

Larisa Makuch Pilates Larisa Makuch is a Pilates & Movement teacher, teacher trainer and ELDOA instructor. She draws on her experiences to create innovative teaching and business strategies. Larisa has a Body Harmonics Comprehensive Pilates diploma, several Specialist diplomas and a BA.

“For me it’s all about helping people move better, feel better and build their confidence each and every day. I especially enjoy those ‘aha’ moments when clients and colleagues make discoveries that translate into more freedom, more joy and less pain in their lives.”