Tips for your Pilates teacher audition

Recently, a long-time client of mine transitioned into teaching Pilates as her full-time career, and I was reminded what it’s like starting out as a new instructor.

Hustling for teaching jobs can be tough to navigate. When starting out, it’s hard to see exactly what it takes to be successful at getting new jobs and have a lasting career in this industry. I remember auditioning all over the city as a new instructor and never knowing quite what to expect.

As I prepped my client for her very first studio audition I found myself repeating to her: “the exercises are not the most important part.” For the record, being a bright new Pilates teacher is not about having washboard abs or about being able to teach the hundred perfectly! There are so many elements that make an instructor great, but here are the three fundamental things that will set you apart from the rest.

1. Know Your Stuff

It seems obvious, but a solid grasp on anatomy and comprehensive training are key. Being able to talk with other teachers, and clients with confidence about anatomy and the body builds trust, and that trust is crucial to building the teacher-client relationships that you need to be successful in this industry.

2. Prepare to Ooze Confidence

Having a killer go-to class plan in your back pocket can mean that you’re ready to step in and teach right away. Even if you’re not the most experienced teacher, having a ready-to-teach class can make you feel more comfortable and make you seem more confident. Check out Margot’s sample reformer class for inspiration.

3. Do The Legwork

Research a few studios you think you’d like to work at, and go take classes at those studios! It’s more effective than a cold call to a studio owner, and it shows dedication to your craft. It gives you an opportunity to start building relationships with the clientele, and a better idea if the studio is really a place you’d like to work.

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