Pilates side leg lift

Have you ever watched those 1980’s exercise videos where girls kick their legs right up to the ceiling? Don’t worry, that’s not what we’ll be doing today.

Side leg lift is a great exercise to help keep your hips strong. Hip strength is important if you walk, run, take the stairs, kick or jump.



What to do

Lay on your side with top leg stretched and bottom leg bent

Make sure your spine is lined up. If you have a narrow waist, you may have a space at your side. Don’t forget about your head – keep it propped up with a pillow, brick or even your elbow. If your ribs flare, keep them pulled back.

Pull your abs in a little bit and lift the top leg using the hip muscles.

Lift your leg just slightly higher than hip height. Make sure your top waist line stays long and pelvis stays aligned

Challenge and Teaching Tip

Encourage your clients to pay attention to this exercise.  Ask them to use their hip muscles to help lift the leg. See if they can feel it.

Let them know that hip strength is important to them if they walk, run, take the stairs, kick or jump.