I stumbled onto the TED Talk website a few months ago after reading about Amy Cuddy’s infamous TED Talk in Chatelaine. I ear-marked it to investigate later, got too busy to investigate it, lost the link, found the link and eventually and finally carved out the 20 minutes it takes to watch her video.

Since viewing her TED talk video about powerful postures I’ve been paying closer attention to how I’m standing and how my clients are standing in our daily lives. Our “body language” has a cumulative effect on our wellbeing.

Here’s the link for Amy Cuddy’s TED talk – check it out! Like, NOW! Watch. It. Now.

So! Are you taking up space or making yourself small? Are you standing up to be counted or hiding in the back row? “Power Pose” to increase your presence and confidence and destress a little.

Here are a few ways to integrate power poses and confidence-boosting stances into your movement classes and every day fitness routines!

3 awesome exercises to sneak into your classes or workout routines

Don’t forget to throw in the occasional side bridge or side lift for good measure! 🙂

1) Forward Rocking with arms up & palms turned in (Work those lats. and strengthen your multifidus!)

Forward backward rocking

2) Standing X (It stabilizes the S.I. joints!)

power poses-standing X

3) Single Leg Glute Med. Glide with hands on hips like wonder woman! Stand on something at least 2 inches tall with 1 foot. Keep both knees straight and lower 1 leg towards the floor then back up so feet are level. (Feel the burn!)

2-Foot Lift & Lower

Also, my favourite standing exercises that leave you feeling “open” and confident every time!

Please note, these exercises are not written in any particular order.

  • Spine Extension with hands behind the head
  • Spine Rotation with hands behind the head
  • Side Bend with hands behind the head
  • Lateral Arm Arcs
  • Relevé Footwork Parallel
  • Relevé Footwork Turn Out
  • Relevé Footwork 2nd Position
  • Single Leg Circle
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Open Leg Rocker
  • Criss Cross Obliques
  • Saw
  • Airplane
  • Airplane with Rotation
  • Relevé Spine Twist
  • Swimming
  • Mermaid
  • Around the World
  • Ad infinitum!

If these exercises aren’t top of mind, check out BH’s upcoming Vertical Repertoire Manual online or at our Dupont Studio or Vertical Repertoire workshop. It’s soooooo good!!

So remember, stand at your full height and brim with inner confidence; you’re worth it and you’re powerful!

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Author: Kate Selleck

Kate Selleck PilatesKate Selleck has a Comprehensive Pilates diploma from Body Harmonics. She also holds several Body Harmonics Specialist diplomas and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

“I enjoy helping others move with power and grace. I’m grateful to Body Harmonics for making Pilates accessible to everyone. Whether it’s your first or your hundredth class, let’s get on the bus to happiness, pain-free living and breathe a little easier together. If not now, then when? Onward!”