Beginner-intermediate Pilates mat class:

Warm up:

Standing Thoracic Rotation

Standing Sagittal Arm Arcs

Standing reach up and pull down alternating arms (like climbing a rope)

Standing extension (heart lifts to sky)



Hip Glides

Press into right hand left knee in neutral spine

Press into left hand right knee in neutral spine

Switch back and forth on above two then hover opposite hand and switch

Rib Glides



Hip Rotation

Hip Sways feet on floor

Hip fold dangling foot/alternate

Hip Sways in hip fold with dangling feet

Hip circles/alternate

Neutral Bridge

Neutral bridge with pulses

Neutral Bridge with hip abduction

Neutral Bridge with hip adduction (starting with hips and feet wider than hip distance apart)

Supine Lateral Arm Arcs

Supine Shoulder Rotation

Ab Curl

Ab Curl with Hip Sways feet on floor

Left Side – on elbow

Right Arm Arc

Rib lifts

Arm Arc with Rib lifts

Side Bridge

Side Bridge with Arm Arcs (maybe)


Head Hovers

Robot Arms

Robot Arms with shoulder adduction

Robot Arms into extension (arms reach above head)

Leg Lifts (from bum) alternating

Press up and into shell stretch

Transition to right side 

Right Side – on elbow

Left Arm Arc

Rib lifts

Arm Arc with Rib lifts

Side Bridge

Side Bridge with Arm Arcs (maybe)

Kneeling Using Theraband

Tall Kneeling band under one knee opposite arm Shoulder rotation (open and close shoulder)

Band under same knee opposite arm and extend arm in front

Extend arm from front and open to T return arm to front and pull to bent

Switch to other knee/arm and repeat

Band in both hands and pull one side like a bow and arrow other arm straight

Reverse positions


Reach Arms straight up the spine and open to extension

Draw arms down and around laterally

Repeat with big breath as arms reach up

Long breath out as arms draw down laterally