Have you ever trained a senior client? Do you work with older adults on a regular basis? Are you curious to learn more before you delve into this market?

Working with older adults can be one of the most rewarding experiences to a Pilates instructor or any teacher of movement.

As adults age, they are highly motivated to maintain physical comfort and minimize pain, keep up mobility and strength for daily activities, improve balance, improve posture and interact with others on a social level.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being physically active on a regular basis is one of the healthiest things anyone can do to feel younger for longer. And it’s never to late to start. Research has shown that even people in their 90s can boost their muscle strength and slow deterioration of bones through regular exercise.

At Body Harmonics, we have specialized programming for older adults at our studios and in our Teacher Training programs to help them stay fit in a safe, intelligent way.

Below is a collection of our favourite articles, resources and teacher training workshops that are helpful when working with older adults in a Pilates or other movement context.