How pelvic tilting affects the hip joints, spine & pelvis

Have you ever noted that small, simple things can have profound results? That’s exactly what pelvic tilting will do. It’s a small little exercise that looks like almost nothing is happening. What most people don’t realize is that it’s one of the best ways to build integrity between the hip joints, pelvis and spine.

At Body Harmonics, we use this exercise in classes of all levels. It makes for a great warm-up exercise for advanced students. It also teaches great mechanics for those newer to Pilates. We encourage you to try it with yourself and your clients too.

In this video, Margot uses a balance cushion. It helps many clients deepen the effects of this exercise. If you don’t have a cushion, don’t let that stop you. Just do it without. The exercise will still work!

[youtube id=”aZ18OmM3lzU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The pelvis moves back and forth between two positions: anterior pelvic tilt and posterior pelvic tilt.

Anterior pelvic tilt

  • pelvic bones should point toward the thigh bones
  • you may see the ribs lift away from the mat
  • the chin may tip towards the chest

Posterior pelvic tilt

  • pelvic bones should point toward the waist
  • you may see the ribs sink into the mat
  • the chin may tip towards the ceiling

What to watch for

  • notice if the cushion helps or hinders the client with the movement. If it’s helpful, keep it. If it hinders the movement, see if you need to readjust it or remove it.
  • if a the participant is stiff in the pelvic area, motion may be restricted to the pelvic area. If the spine is more supple, motion will be observed throughout the entire spine right into the head and neck


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