Will you be in the 8% that follows through?

It’s a new year and for many, New Year’s resolutions are set and never followed through. You know what I’m talking about, your intentions are good but come February or March you’re back to the way you’ve always done things. You had great intentions and the desires are there to improve your fitness, eat healthy, set goals for your business and maybe even get your finances in order to pay off your debt or take a much-needed vacation.

The statistics show that of people who make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% of stick to them, while the rest usually abandon them after just one week.

This is why gyms all over the nation are busiest in January and quiet again in February. This is why our yoga and Pilates classes see a surge of new bodies and then scale back to the “regulars”. This is the exact reason why weight loss clinics all over our nation have their doors a- blazing with people desiring to be more confident in their body, have a smaller waist and achieve their goals once and for all.

There are many reasons why goals are not set, or when they’re set, are never achieved. When you’re working with clients, keep in mind that there is more going on underneath it all. I think it’s extremely important for us to understand this so we are better able to assist people in a deeper transformation. When there are deeper things happening at the unconscious level this will shift our behaviors and attitudes. This can show up as an inability to hold the pelvis in neutral, lack of flexibility through the spine, within certain muscles throughout the body such as a rounded upper back. The body truly speaks our mind. When we become aware of what’s “underneath” we can then shift ourselves into a more powerful place and this is where transformation begins within the body.

I remember a client of mine who wanted to lose weight began focusing on shifting her context around weight loss. Instead of ‘hard and dreadful’ she began choosing to believe it as ‘fun and easy’. This simple shift showed up in her body and how she carried herself.

I remember experiencing an epiphany on my 40th birthday. I was able to recognize where within myself I was holding back. Just the awareness caused a huge shift within my physiology. When I went to my chiropractor the next day, she told me that it felt as if I had released something huge. My body released from my tissues, muscles and spine what I was carrying at the unconscious.

Questions for you to ask yourself as you create a year for abundance to flow and your dreams to come true:

  1. What do you want to accomplish this year? (is it easy to determine or is there resistance?)
  2. What goal creates a bit of fear and why?
  3. Where do you hold yourself back?
  4. Where do you get off track?
  5. Where are you playing small?

Finally, what is underneath your answers to these questions above?

You see, it’s important to always look at what’s going on underneath it all. Why do you avoid setting goals, why do you set goals and then stop and not following through, what’s happening under your resistance. How are you sabotaging your efforts by holding yourself back? What’s going on under the fear?

What is going on underneath it all creates your actions and behaviors, whether desirable or not. These behaviors sit in your physiology and cells and you become exactly that.

Below are some tips to help you move past resistance and help you dig underneath so 2015 will be a year of abundance and not a pattern of last year and the year before. These tips can also help you navigate patterns that your clients hold, such as: “Why is she not practicing at home after you’ve asked her multiple times?”, “Why does he come late week after week?”, “Why is she not consistent in her sessions?” Every client (and person!) is magnificent, and the disempowering habits they have are unconscious patterns that just need to be revealed for them to shift into a more powerful place.

  1. Set an intention to recognize recurring patterns that you perform on a daily basis. Once you are aware you can then change. Notice when you are not playing full out, notice when you take the easy route and avoid stretching yourself, or notice when your words are disempowering or empowering — that will set the course of your day and your life.
  2. Presence & Awareness. So now that you are aware of what is a pattern, you can examine them. Be aware of where you hold yourself back. Why you play small, or where do you get off track?
  3. Choice. You have a choice to shift or to stay where you are. You can choose to change your disempowering habits. Ask yourself: “If I choose to do what I’ve always done, where will I be in a year, 2 years or 5 years?” To make a choice is very powerful, to make decisions from a place of choice puts you in the driver’s seat.
  4. Refuse to be a victim. When you choose to recognize, you have already stepped into a power shift of presence and awareness and you have already made a choice to refuse to be a victim. When we are in victim mentality we stop the flow of any greatness that we already possess. This is where blaming, complaining and justification resides. A vey disempowering place and not one you want to begin 2015 in or stay in throughout the year!

All of these tips are easy to do and very easy to not do. When we’ve been in a place or pattern for so long, our brain naturally feels safe and will do all it can to keep us there. It is simple enough to change, but it is often difficult to do without guidance, unless you have someone you trust to help you through the process. We don’t always recognize our own “stuff.”

I believe in you and in your magnificence. 2015 will be a year of abundance, ease and fulfillment for you. I am offering a free 21 Days to Optimal Wellness E-Coaching program. Begin 2015 in a powerful place: go to www.kristenowenscoaching.com and enter your name and email.


Kristen Owens (photo)Kristen is known for creating a core foundation for women to develop a powerful mindset to cross any finish line with ease and confidence. As an Author, Speaker and Coach Kristen empowers women to stop settling for mediocrity, live in courage and kick fear to the curb in a fun and inspiring way. Bringing her own experiences as well as people who have overcome obstacles, Kristen’s approach is both empowering and guaranteed to leave you with confidence, courage and clarity to achieve your dreams in every area of your life.

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