Build your buttocks and strengthen your core

Most of us have lazy buttock muscles. When they are weak, hip pain, back pain and even foot pain can occur!

The Pilates neutral bridge is a safe and simple way for almost everyone to get the buttock muscles firing.

The buttock muscles are part of our core. When we build support down there, we’ll also build support for our spine as well.

Key points to remember:

  • Keep legs aligned hip bone distance apart (not as wide as the shoulders).
  • A ball may be helpful to keep lets aligned. If using a ball, make sure not to squeeze into it. This will keep your thigh bones better aligned and hip muscles firing properly
  • Press into feet, lift hips and sink the shoulders – make sure there’s a long diagonal line between the shoulders, hips and knees
  • Watch not to compress the low back. Compression can lead to discomfort in the low back, poor support form the buttock muscles and core.
  • When lowering the hips, watch for a deep crease at the front of hips

Challenge to you:

The neutral bridge is a simple exercise that works. However, if we do it the same way every day, it might get a bit boring. At Body Harmonics, we love to create variations to basic exercises. Not only are they fun, but they also challenge participants. What variations on neutral bridge do you like to use?

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