I was 39 years old. A wife, mom of two amazing daughters, a successful television Producer/Director and I was still looking for more?


It was time. Time to legitimize my passion for Pilates.

Body Harmonics didn’t just help me to train to become an instructor, my mentors taught me how to teach from my heart. Before I begin each class I envision myself on the mat, the Reformer or the Springboard…how would I want to be challenged, how do I want to move my body.

It now feels like second nature.

But it certainly didn’t start that way. I’m grateful to have been asked to write this article to remind me of that.

My older daughter Samantha recently finished the babysitters course. When she handed me her certificate with a beaming smile on her face I was reminded of that feeling of accomplishment after a long day of course work at Body Harmonics. Less than 24 hours after completing her course, determined and motivated, Sam was handing out resumes around the neighbourhood.

That was me with Pilates. As a freelance Producer my job has high and low periods. I knew I had a finite amount of time to make a Pilates “splash” before the next gig came up. I needed to come out guns blazing and find my place in the Pilates world. Where were the holes? Who didn’t know about this amazing form of exercise and movement. Where could I be useful?

I started small. In-home private clients, a few in home group classes. I drove anywhere and everywhere. I lived in my car. My trunk filled with every prop imaginable. If you wanted to do Pilates, wherever you lived in the city, I came. It was hard. Exhausting actually. I was also renovating a house, living at my in-laws in Thornhill and along with my husband, commuting our girls to and from their new school downtown.

Really! What the hell was I thinking?

But it took off. Two months into teaching I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ali, the amazing owner of Harmony Fitness. She had long wanted to start a Pilates program but wasn’t sure her clients would take to it. This was my biggest challenge yet. I was faced with getting hard-core cardio junkies to think about balancing out their dedicated weekly routines. Could I do this? With no real dedicated space, I taught in whatever room was available.

Some clients were elated that Pilates was now being offered. Others tried it and when they didn’t get the dripping sweat satisfaction they normally did from a cardio class they didn’t come back. At first there was one, MAYBE three people in the class. I jumped for joy when there were SIX! Ali never gave up on me or the program. We played with times, cancelled a few classes. We persevered and found the sweet spot.

Timing is everything.

Now classes are filled! Even WAITLISTED! With a new second location, multiple classes on the schedule and a dedicated space Pilates is a staple! A TOTAL SUCCESS!

Two years later I teach 22 hours a week.

My in-home group classes continue and have even created spin-offs! My new house has helped to create even more possibilities. With the birth of my backyard “She Shed,” I’m able to teach all my private and semi-privates steps from my desk, kiss my girls when they come home for lunch and enjoy the flexibility to put my teaching completely on hold when TV life gets super busy.

Still, teaching has come at a price. Something no one prepared me for that I learned the hard way. It’s taken a toll on my personal practise. BIG TIME! But I’m coming back STRONG and now as I schedule my clients and classes I’m also learning to schedule time for ME!

What the hell was I thinking?

I was thinking…you’re never too busy, never too tired, and never, EVER too old to try!


Marnie Adler B.A., M.A. is a Television Producer/Director and Mat Pilates Instructor?

YES! You can have more than one career!
Marnie noticed so many amazing changes in her body through her six years as a Pilates student that she wanted to tell everyone! So she decided it was time to teach!
Recently trained in Mat Pilates by Body Harmonics, she now takes her passion to a whole other level.
Marnie is used to running crews of 100+ people. Teaching is her release and she can whip anyone into shape!
She firmly believes that Pilates is accessible to EVERYONE and anyone can start small and build!
Marnie’s goal is for her students to ALWAYS be conscious of their core, and to help them strengthen, lengthen, trim and tone!
Marnie credits her inspirational Pilates instructor Naomi Zahler, her insanely supportive husband and two beautiful daughters for motivating her to begin this amazing journey.