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Luciano Gouvea


I have always been intrigued by how the body can heal itself when you give it a bit of help with the process. After working as a Physiotherapist for the Brazilian army for eight years I tried Pilates & Movement at Body Harmonics, and it hit me as the smartest thing my body has ever tried! I understood then what moving in an optimal way means. Now, years later, I’m delighted to be here putting all my previous experience together in a place where my colleagues and our clients “get” the value of movement re-education. To me, Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement is a great way to describe what physical (and mental) therapy really means. .

Academic Credentials
– B.Sc. (PT)
– Osteopathy – Specialization in Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunctions (2 years)

Pilates & Movement Credentials
– Body Harmonics Pilates Mat & Reformer certification
– Body Harmonics Pilates Comprehensive certification (pending)

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