The thing I love most about being a Pilates instructor is the possibilities seem endless when it comes to movement. I never feel confined by the original exercises Joseph Pilates created, because I know there are always new ways to build on each exercise as my practice advances. Likewise, I’ve watched clients go from beginner movers, to being able to tackle some of the most advanced Pilates exercises.

Movement is a lifelong process, so how do you keep things interesting as you become more advanced?

1. Get back to the basics! It sounds counterintuitive, but going back and taking a beginner class can help break down a more advanced exercise, and help you to understand the movement better. You’ll discover new intricacies about some of your favourite advanced exercises by slowing down and re-thinking the basics.

2. Deep cues can add more feel factor, and help gain a deeper understanding of how our bodies move. Teachers-don’t be afraid to cue how the bones move, or use more complex visuals when teaching advanced movers, give them something to think about!

3. Add resistance props, or balance apparatus to your workouts. This is one of the best ways to make sure you’re staying challenged as you advance in your movement practice. The standing saw exercise for example is fairly simple. Try this exercise while standing with each foot on a swivel disc, keep the discs still as you move through the exercise. The props will add a balance component to this classic exercise, while challenging glute medius, adductors in the inner thigh, and obliques on sides of torso.

Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops using balance apparatus on Dec 5th, and resistance apparatus on Dec 6th.


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My Philosophy of Pilates

Through teaching Pilates I love to give clients that magical feeling I felt when I left my very first Pilates class, of strength, support, and possibility. I aim to give clients the confidence and encouragement they need to achieve their individual goals.  Whether it’s staying fit pre and post pregnancy, getting ready for a wedding, or recovering from an injury, I feel lucky to be part of my client’s journey to wellness.