Kickstart your Pilates career

Whether you’re newly certified, have recently moved, or are looking for new teaching opportunities, searching for Pilates jobs can be nerve-racking.

When I moved to Toronto as a newly Pilates mat instructor, I wanted to experience different types of teaching opportunities.

It took a bit of persistence, but within a few months, I was teaching in gyms, studios and corporate settings throughout the city.

Here are a few tips to help you get started in your Pilates job search:

Get your resume together

Jane Aronovitch wrote a great article “Resumes that get you in the door” so check it out.

Start with the places you have in mind first

This may seem obvious, but if you have some contacts in the industry or ideas of where you’d like to teach Pilates, then approach these first.

Get on the internet and start your search

Here are some ideas for where to start:
•    Local classifieds

3 ways to get the most out of your search

•    See if anything comes up with a “your city + pilates jobs” search
•    Search “your city + Pilates” – look up the Pilates and Yoga studio websites and see if there are job postings there
•    Look into gyms, community centres, chiropractic offices, wellness centres, physiotherapy offices, etc. based on your interests

Keep checking back frequently

If you don’t find something right away, make sure to keep checking back regularly. Most classifieds websites are updated daily. Many facilities do most of their hiring in August / September and December / January, but they may hire at other times as needed.

Do your homework

A word of caution: make sure you research the facilities you want to approach and know something about the programming they offer before calling them. Check the company website, google them, ask friends in the biz about what they know.

For example, find out the number of Pilates classes that are offered over a week and the number of instructors on staff. Also find out if they hire inexperienced as well as experienced instructors.

Other things you may want to check out is instructor bios of those who work there. You may notice something you could add to your cover letter or resume.

Make Contact

When making your first contact with the facility you are applying to, make sure to follow the guidelines on the job posting. If they have specific requests, such as no phone calls, then make sure to abide by their rules.

Do be enthusiastic and confident. Don’t sound desperate, or like you are trying to reorganize a facility’s program direction.

Don’t forget to share with others

Tell everyone you know that you are certified, available and enthusiastic to start teaching. The more you talk about your plans to everyone around you, the more of a ripple effect you can expect. You never know whom a friend of a friend may know and what opportunities may show up because someone bothered to mention your intentions to someone else.

Be seen and get known

Go to classes and start to spend time at the facilities that interest you the most. Get to know the instructors on staff, and be friendly with the clients and the front desk. Make it known to everyone that you are interested in being considered for an audition when a teaching position opens up.

Question for YOU!

How did you find your first Pilates teaching job? Do you have any other sources for searching job postings? Please share in the comments section below.

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Author: Larisa Makuch

Larisa Makuch Pilates Larisa Makuch is a Pilates & Movement teacher, teacher trainer and ELDOA instructor. She draws on her experiences to create innovative teaching and business strategies. Larisa has a Body Harmonics Comprehensive Pilates diploma, several Specialist diplomas and a BA.

“For me it’s all about helping people move better, feel better and build their confidence each and every day. I especially enjoy those ‘aha’ moments when clients and colleagues make discoveries that translate into more freedom, more joy and less pain in their lives.”

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