Hip health: Preventing, preparing for and recovering from hip replacement surgery

Healthy Hips

Hip replacement surgeries are on the rise in the USA and Canada, with more than 360,000 being performed in the two countries annually (and rising). That’s an alarming statistic, one that no doubt correlates to an aging population prone to arthritis but also to overly sedentary lifestyles that have many of us sitting (hips flexed and glutes stretched) in front of computers for hours on end.

There are many reasons a hip replacement may be necessary—from osteoporosis-related fractures to severe arthritis to other painful chronic conditions. However, the good news is that there’s much you can do keep your hips healthy and pain free in order to prevent a total joint replacement. And, in the event that you must go under the knife, there’s much you can do to prehab and rehab your hips for success and years of pain-free (or pain-reduced) living.

Prevention, preparation and recovery all involve doing exercises and movements designed to help with alignment and also with balancing strength and mobility around your hip joints (incredibly, 21 muscles cross each joint) so that they function as optimally as possible (i.e. smoothly and without pain).


This month at Body Harmonics On Demand, we invite you to get your hips in tip-top-shape—whether you’re wanting to prevent issues or prepare for or recover after a hip replacement. Be sure to have medical clearance from your doctor before doing this or any exercise program.


Want to know more about how to prepare for a hip replacement and get back into the swing of things safely post surgery? Watch this inspiring video of Body Harmonics teacher Diane Armstrong and client Nora Underwood, both of whom had hip replacements and are back to enjoying their lives to the fullest!


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Your hips are critical for movement, support and alignment up and down the kinetic chain so it just makes good sense to understand and take good care of them. Your Pilates teacher, personal trainer and physiotherapist are there to help.

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