We use our hands a million times a day, pushing, pulling, grabbing, reaching, texting and keyboarding. We need our hands to be strong and supple for all of these actions. By the end of the day we can feel like our hands are so tired they need a massage. Doing hand exercises can actually make hands feel better and even address issues in our neck and shoulders.

In the attached podcast we created for Balanced Body, we go through a sequence of hand exercises that we use in our studios and give out for homework regularly. It’s approximately 10 minutes long, but even taking one or two exercises from the sequence and doing them on a daily basis can be really beneficial.



Hand exercise sequence from video

 Remember to take a rest in between exercises.

  1. Fist, flash
  2. Isometric ball press
  3. Open and close fingers – palms facing each other
  4. Open and close fingers – palms facing floor
  5. Scoop the butter – in both directions
  6. Thumb to each finger – 5, 4, 3, 2 + repeat
  7. Figure 8’s with each finger – working one finger at a time
  8. Finger bends with straight wrist – all knuckles bend
  9. Finger bends with straight wrist – only top knuckles bend + other fingers straight