Prepare for plank

Planks are considered to be one of the best “core” exercises. It’s important to have the best support possible in the lower, middle and upper body. This is a quick little exercise to prepare the upper body for plank and any other quadruped work.

Make sure to do these shoulder blade glides early in your session to get the shoulder blades moving for the rest of the session.



Key points to watch for:

  • Place hands under shoulders and knees under hips. This will create the best alignment for shoulders and hips
  • Check in with the spine. Ideally, there will be a small dip in the low back
  • Allow the head to be in the most comfortable position for the person. It can hang or stay lined up with the spine
  • Allow the shoulder blades to come towards one another and then glide apart
  • Be careful not to mix this up with cat/cow where the spine moves. Shoulder blade glides are just a movement of the shoulder blades

Enhance this exercise with breath!

Try inhaling as the blades separate and exhaling as they glide together.

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