Quadruped Glute Exercises_st

Gluteals, our buttock muscles are known for helping us maintain upright posture. They also help us sit down, stand up, walk around and add curves to our figure.

Today, we will work the different gluteals actions to increase hip mobility, the integration and congruity of the hip joint. We’re also working in the quadruped position, but you can use the same principle in other positions as well.

Gluteal sequence from video

  • Set up on all 4’s, press into the R leg and L arm, reach the L leg back, lift it and bend the knee so it comes in past 90 degrees
  • Hip extension = lift bent leg up towards the ceiling & lower
  • Hip extension + abduction = leg back up to starting position + open to side a few inches away from body + lift towards ceiling & lower
  • Hip extension + abduction + rotation = lift leg to starting position + open to side + externally rotate it
  • Hip extension + adduction = lift leg to starting position + bring across midline
  • Repeat it all from the top on the other side

A few notes:

  • We press into the hand and opposite leg to build a cross connection through the front and back of body. This helps stay stable and steady throughout the exercise
  • We bend the knee to disadvantage the hamstrings and advantage the glutes
  • Make sure to keep the pelvis level throughout