Developed a century ago in Japan by Mikao Usui, Reiki is thought to be an ancient healing art, rediscovered in modern times by Usui while in Tibet. Comprised of the Japanese words rei (“spirit, divine”) and ki (“life, life energy”), Reiki roughly translates as “divinely-guided life-force energy,” and is transmitted to the recipient by a practitioner.

As a non-invasive energy-based modality, Reiki enhances and accelerates the recipient’s innate healing ability, by providing the energetic tonic the recipient requires, and is often thought of as energy medicine.

In spite of its simplicity, Reiki often yields very powerful health and wellness benefits, and usually leaves its recipients pleasantly surprised.

Reiki Fees

60 min: $100
5-session package – 60 min: $405

Reiki fees are subject to HST.

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